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Flipê, founded by the partners Gabriela Mestriner and Natalia Minas, has been created with the desire to take one meaning from its production. A young office, composed by a team, as a whole. We know the importance of the whole, that nothing alone brings complete results, and we have this vision in our creations.

Our own language and personality is the starting point for each and every project, but we believe that this only becomes complete at the moment it meets the customer, the use and the experience in the space.

Architecture arises to meet the spacial needs of those who live in it, we must create spaces not only to meet them, but an atmosphere to experience, where personalities can be projected, modified, belonging to each other.

Flipê Arquitetura has the wish to create an architecture that is not static, but capable of adapting, considering several possibilities of scenes. It seeks to design functional and changeable spaces that mix today's needs with the capacity of absorbing other eventual future needs. People and routines change, we must see this, a society that is constantly changing, we believe that architecture also has this fundamental role.

For this reason, the office permeates several areas, such as architecture, interiors, furniture and objects design, scenography, among others. We believe in the connection, in the unity of the arts, in the whole. We create spaces that always consider the whole, from detail to the object, from the object to the architecture. Architecture is made to be experienced, always having this resilient design unit as the primary guideline.

Gabriela Mestriner

Architect and Urbanist
Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie - São Paulo, Brazil
Universidad Catilla La Mancha - Toledo, Spain

Natalia Minas

Architect and Urbanist
Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie - São Paulo, Brazil
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona - Barcelona, Spain


Julie Benattar

Grace Helen Francisco

Giovanna Arruda